Phone: (252) 756-2898
Physical Address: 257 Cooper St.
Mailing address: P.O BOX 597.
Winterville, NC 28590.

About us

Winterville Christian Church worships in the traditional style, but that "formal" style of worship does not inhibit our closeness, our friendliness, or our laughter. We use the word "formal" because we do use the lectionary readings for each Sunday; we celebrate each of the liturgical seasons, and our worship service is orderly. Yet our service does not feel cold or uncomfortable. We celebrate the Eucharist, the Lord's Supper, every Sunday. In this part of the service, as the bread is broken and blessed and as the cup is shared, we feel that in addition to the forgiveness of our sins we are now challenged to be the Body of Christ to all people. We are to take the table of hospitality to those who are sick, hurting, defenseless, and imprisoned in guilt and shame. When we baptize we use immersion, yet we recognize all forms of baptism. We are not a separate church that has to have things our way. All churches are different rooms in the same house. The Church is the house; denominations and tradition make up different rooms in the same home. So our church (our room), though decorated differently, is a part of the larger Church.

Our belief

The following is a summary of what the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) believe and what this church believes. The summary is taken from materials written by our former General Minister and President, Dr. Chris Hobgood.

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We believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

This statement is more than words or simply a confession of faith. We do not see Jesus as a tame shepherd, and therefore our commitment to follow Jesus is not by being "nice and non-offense people". Actually, Jesus was an irritating person if we read the gospels with a critical eye. Jesus came to show us the profound love of God, a love that lifted up the downtrodden and affirmed the powerless. We are to express that same kind of love, which goes against some social norms and expectations.

We believe that The Lord's Table is an open and inclusive table.

Communion, which we celebrate weekly, is open to all persons who love Jesus as the Christ, regardless of age, denomination, or theological beliefs. We believe that Jesus called everyone to table fellowship. The table becomes a symbol of our hospitality - open and affirming to all people. When we partake, we are asked to examine ourselves, to make our confession, and to commit to a deeper form of the Christian journey when we eat of this Love Feast.

We believe in the ministry of all believers.

Each member and participant of our church is gifted in many ways; each is a minister of the church. We seek to use our gifts corporately, as the body of Christ. None is more important than another. The focus of leadership in the church is not through controlling power, but through "servant leadership".

We believe in the love of unity.

Recognized or not, we are in relation to one another as persons and through nature. "Unity is our polar star" has been a theme of the Disciples. We believe that we are to work together as denominations to be the witnesses of Christ. Actually, unity is not something for which we strive; we are united though at times we are not conscious of our unity. We seek to help people recognize this unity and to use the power of unity to serve God in this community.

We believe in the justice of God.

We are called to love and serve all of God's people. We are to serve the marginalized people in our community. We are called to take a stand on social issues that demand a Christian response, rather than an acceptable and non-offensive response. This takes us back to the first belief - to confess Jesus as Christ means that we serve in ways that Christ would have served. Ultimately, we die seeking to love all people.

Christian Education

A Worship and Wonder program is available for younger children. This is a Bible story-telling event where children are able to participate in the story-telling as well as to "wonder" what this story might mean to them. Our story-tellers are trained in the art of story-telling and helping children to wonder and to integrate these stories into their young lives.