Phone: (252) 756-2898
Physical Address: 257 Cooper St.
Mailing address: P.O BOX 597.
Winterville, NC 28590.

About The Pastor

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The Westbrook Family


It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to a very unique congregation in Eastern North Carolina: WINTERVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. In a nutshell, WCC is a congregation of radical hospitality, uncompromising inclusivity, and heart-felt outreach. As a community of faith, we take very seriously our mission: "To love and serve God and all of God's children, striving to be the presence of Christ."

Though historically rooted in Winterville, families from throughout Pitt County and surrounding Eastern North Carolina communities attend our church regularly. Our close proximity to Greenville (just 6 miles to downtown) has provided us the opportunity to reach out to folks at East Carolina University, Pitt Community College, and Vidant Medical Center.

While we are a Disciples of Christ congregation, many of our members come from a variety of denominational backgrounds (including Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, and Catholic). At its heart, our denomination is deeply ecumenical; that is to say, it is appreciative of other denominations and works for the unity of all Christians.

Perhaps we are most proud of our inclusivity at Winterville Christian Church. We believe that God calls us to welcome others to our church just as Christ welcomes us at the Communion Table, with open arms and grace-filled love. As a result, Winterville Christian Church is an open and affirming congregation, one that welcomes all children of God regardless of race, language, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

In my time serving as its pastor, I have found Winterville Christian Church to be a remarkably unique congregation in Eastern North Carolina. Why don't you come out and see for yourself what spring looks like in Winterville?!

Bless on the journey,